Audio Systems is a leading international developer of portable sound recording units, mixers and advanced audio codecs, optimised for any kind of media and transmission infrastructure. “Made by AETA” is a synonym for high quality and investment protection..


established in 1983 by two M.I.T. engineers, Eugene Novacek and Judy Kane Novacek, whose aim was to provide computer Kane Novacek aim was to provide computer based process control for industrial applications. Building on a heritage in automation.


Founded in 1980, Audemat is part of the WorldCast Systems group of companies which combines the collective expertise & extensive product portfolio of several major broadcast brands to offer turnkey systems in all major analog and digital technologies.


Sweet Spot tone control, very subtle tone shift that is usable throughout the entire rotational range.Precision matched components-using proprietary specifications to ensure symmetrical clipping and reduced intermodulation distortion. .


Broadcom technology transforms how the world connects and communicates. A global innovation leader, Broadcom designs semiconductor solutions for the connected world. Consumers might never see Broadcom’s products, but they rely on its technology every day when using a smartphone, a wireless network at home or at work, streaming music or movies, or connecting to content that has passed through a data center in the cloud.A global innovation leader


founded in Italy in 1975, is the leader company of a corporate group working in broadcasting and scientific applications.Thanks to its 40 years of experience, DB Elettronica nowadays is a world leader providing FM Transmitter and TV Transmitter, Broadcasting Products, Systems and Services for Government and Private Customers.

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is a Private Limited Company owned by the Directors, which manufactures broadcast audio equipment for the radio, TV, security and telecommunications industries. This is a family business, started as a partnership in 1969 by Paul and Dorothy Brooke, which has had a steady turnover of trading, and has established a recognize position in the radio broadcasting industry.  NFNGGHHNHHH HHHHHHHHHGFFFFFFFFFG

DW Group

is an independently owned group of Electrical & Mechanical services companies based in the south of England. With our many years of experience within the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors of our industry we specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of all electrical & mechanical building services.    HNDGDGFDGDFGDF

electrical & mechanical building services.