Local people of Chapai Nawabganj have cleaned and repaired their old radio sets, as they now eagerly wait to listen to the news and programs of Radio Mahananda. This community radio has given rebirth to the radio sets in this community – through its programs

of self development and culture.

Earlier, people of the community had no scope of speaking on the mass media, but they are now able to speak their minds on Radio Mahananda – through spontaneous participations in programs, and sometimes through the radio correspondents. Radio Mahananda is playing a very significant role in the socio-economic development of the community by creating awareness among the people- regarding agriculture, health, women rights and education.

Community Radio Mahananda 99.2 was officially inaugurated in Chapai Nawabganj on February 1st, 2012, through initiatives taken by Proyash Manobik Unnoyon Society. Former Railways minister Suranjit Sengupta inaugurated the radio, and the station emerged successful within a very short time.

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