Liza, a ten year old girl of Noagaon’s Nondigram, has been working as a house made for a long one and half year. She was suffering inhumane torture at the house – through this long time. A report, describing the unending woes of Liza, was aired on Community Radio Borendro 99.2, which created a stir among the people. Law enforcers then took instant actions against the accused individuals. Many such examples put Borendro Radio 99.2 in the core of peoples’ mind within a very short time.

The program, “Accountability of Local Government” anchored by Mahfuz Faruk, has made the people of the remote area – conscious regarding their rights. Local people, participating in the program, are outlining their views on the local government, while elected local government representatives are directly answering different questions at the program. As a result, transparency of the local government and accountability practice has begun in the community through the program.

Borendro Radio has started its test transmission on March 8, 2012, following the initiatives taken by local non government development organization Human Rights Development Association. Currently, the station is airing programs between the hours of 9.30am to 10pm.

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