Fighting for a world of Equity and Justice where Human Rights and Democracy are the Social Culture.

COAST organizes strategically important activities related to development, which in turn, will facilitate the sustainable and equitable improvement of life, especially of women, children and disadvantaged population of the coastal areas in Bangladesh through their increased participation in the socio-economic, cultural and civic life of the country.


To facilitate and participate in survival strategies of the coastal poor, especially of the women and the disadvantaged population to gain socio-economic sustainability and a better livelihood standard.
To support and take necessary steps to mediate initiatives of the poor in realizing their demands on government and other institutions where they have legitimate rights and shares.
To initiate projects and activities, also with others, with the aim of protecting and preserving the ecological/natural resources of the Bay of Bengal and related river basins.
To promote advocacy, lobby and seek alliances for policy formulations and behavioral changes of relevant organizations and institutions and of the poor and disadvantaged population in the coastal areas.
To undertake disaster preparedness and post-disaster rehabilitation programs in the coastal areas.
To undertake humanitarian welfare services specially for women and children of disadvantaged and poor families.

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